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The Petzl® Avao® Sit NFPA Harness is a work positioning seat harness ideal for difficult access.

  • Wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops give excellent support. Contoured and lined with breathable perforated foam for maximum comfort when suspended.
  • Waistbelt equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles for quick and easy adjustment.
  • Ventral attachment point distributes the load between the waistbelt and the leg loops during suspended work.
  • Two lateral attachment points transfer the load to the waistbelt for comfort when working with feet supported. They can be flipped back against the waistbelt when snagging is an issue.
  • The rear attachment point on the waistbelt allows connection of a restraint lanyard, or a TOP CROLL (new or old version) to make the harness into a rope access harness.
  • Five pre-shaped equipment loops with protective sheath.
  • Slots for CARITOOL tool holder and for TOOLBAG tool pouch.
  • Leg loops equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles.
  • Certification: CE EN 358, CE EN 813
  • AVAO SIT Size 1: Weight: 1125 g. Waist belt: 70-110 cm. Leg loop: 45-65 cm.
  • AVAO SIT Size 2: Weight: 1140 g. Waist belt: 80-130 cm. Leg loop: 60-75 cm.

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
412-C79AAN 2
Petzl® Avao Sit Seat Harness Size 2 Black1
412-C79AAN 1
Petzl® Avao Sit Seat Harness Size 1 Black1
412-C79AAA 2
Petzl® Avao Sit Seat Harness Size 21
412-C79AAA 1
Petzl® Avao Sit Seat Harness Size 11