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Liftex® Eye & Eye 1” 4 Ply Pro-Edge® HD Web Slings are made of heavy duty 1 inch wide polyester webbing, and made with a flat loop eye on each end with a loop eye opening on the same plane as the sling body. Pro-Edge delivers structural edge reinforcement and abrasion resistance providing maximum sling service life. Versatile and flexible, these Eye & Eye slings can be used with all three hitch types (vertical, basket and choker). This type of sling is also referred to as flat eye & eye, double eye sling or TYPE 3 (III) web slings. Nylon also available.

  • Pro-Edge® structural edge reinforcement and abrasion resistance provides maximum sling service life
  • Everyday use for good to rugged lifting conditions
  • Can be used with vertical, basket & choker hitch types

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Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Syn Web Sling 1"X12' 4Ply Heavy Duty1
Syn Web Sling 1"X13' 4Ply Heavy Duty1
Syn Web Sling 1"X14' 4Ply Heavy Duty1
Syn Web Sling 1"X15' 4Ply Heavy Duty1
Syn Web Sling 1"X16' 4Ply Heavy Duty1
Syn Web Sling 1"X17' 4Ply Heavy Duty1
Syn Web Sling 1"X18' 4Ply Heavy Duty1
Syn Web Sling 1"X19' 4Ply Heavy Duty1
Syn Web Sling1"X20' 4Ply Heavy Duty1
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