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SafetyTech® Medium Duty Outrigger Pads spread the load from an engaged outrigger float in order to reduce the chance of a vehicle tip over and prevent damage to paved surfaces. Product standards include: A guaranteed unbreakable, engineered thermoplastic construction which weighs 62% less than aluminum; industrial grade safety texturing, with a radius edge and corner design; and surfaces which are waterproof, chemical resistant and non-conductive. The TuffGrip® Handle System allows for 1-2 person carry. SafetyTech® Medium Duty Outrigger Pads are easy to use and provide lightweight, portable, high performance load distribution and ergonomic safety for operators and crews. Hi-Viz Yellow

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Md Duty Outrigger Pads 18"X18"X1" Hi-Vis1
Md Duty Outrigger Pads 22"X24"X1" Hi-Vis1
Md Duty Outrigger Pads 24"X24"X1" Hi-Vis1