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Samson® Pro Master 3-Strand Rope White is a firm and balanced rope with superior hand and lock-grip holding capability. It offers flexibility but keeps its shape—even with heavy use. The combination of spun and filament polyester creates a rope with low stretch and excellent knot holding. The construction’s firmness virtually eliminates the hockling tendency of standard lay 3-strand ropes even in long, continuous lengths.

  • Applications:
    • Block and Fall Line.
    • Hand Line.
    • Rigging Line.
    • Stage, Event, and Special Effects Rigging.
  • Features And Benefits:
    • Balanced construction
    • Easy to handle.
    • Easy to inspect.
    • Excellent abrasion resistance.
    • Excellent knot-holding capability.
    • Flexible.
    • High strength-to-weight ratio.
    • Low stretch.
    • Retains shape with use.
    • UV resistant.
  • Fiber (Core/Cover): Ultra Blue Polyolefin/Polyester Blend.
  • Specific Gravity:1.24.
  • Splice:3-Strand Class I.

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Samson® Pro-Master Rope White 3/4X150'1
Samson® Pro-Master Rope White 3/4X600'1
Samson® Pro-Master Rope White 3/4X1200'1
Samson® Pro-Master Rope White 7/8X600'1
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