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CMI® RP146 Arborist Block is a heavy duty, giant block for beefy ropes. It has blue anodized aluminum sideplates, 4-1/2” aluminum sheave, bronze bushing and stainless steel axle. RP146 is a heavy weight pulley at 6.6 lbs, has a rope capacity of 1”, 68,000 MBS and 13,600 SWL. Over all dimensions are 9-1/4 x 6”. This Arborist Block Pulley was designed for use in false crotch systems to help save wear and tear on Bull ropes. Upper bushing maximizes sling strength and wide sideplates protect the rope from contact with rough bark. Convenient knurled knobs allow for easy rigging of the upper bushing and stainless steel and aluminum materials offer lasting durability in outdoor conditions.

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CMI Super Heavy Duty Arborist Pulley1