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A swivel eye pulley block gives a diversely mountable fixture with dynamic rotation of the block. A swivel eye pulley is a perfect option when an application needs slight rotation in picking up a load. It can be mounted in an existing rod, bolt, shackle or other fastening specifications. They are available in zinc electroplated or a stainless steel finish. Swivel eye pulley blocks offer an eye that can slide over existing pipes, bolts and rods, or attach over various fittings, such as a shackle. They can be used for wire ropes, fibrous rope or nylon applications. A snatch pin option is available seperately. This is a removable pin in the center hole that holds the sheave in place. This allows the user to remove the pin and attach it to an existing wire rope.

  • Swivel Eye Single Wire Rope Blocks have a swivel eye drop-forged from low carbon steel for optimum strength and is zinc-electroplated.
  • Single sheave turned from cold-drawn zinc-electroplated bar-stock.
  • Combination of bronze and steel bushings, designed for high load and medium speed applications.
  • Bushings are oil impregnated for permanent self-lubrication.
  • Sideplates stamped from low carbon steel with bright polished, galvanized finish.
  • Rivets and Clevises are Zinc Electroplated.
  • Safe work load capacities stamped into sideplates in US and metric measurements.
  • Block Division high quality
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Replacement sheaves available.

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Swivel Eye Wire Rope Block Single 3/8"1
Swivel Eye Wire Rope Block Single 5/16"1
Swivel Eye Wire Rope Block Single 3/8"1
Swivel Eye Wire Rope Block Single 3/8"1
Swivel Eye Wire Rope Block Single 3/8"1
Swivel Eye Wire Rope Block Single 3/8"1
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