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A swivel eye block with double sheave is used when an application needs multiple rotation in picking up the load. Swivel eye blocks are manufactured using zinc electroplating. Pulley blocks can also be manufactured in stainless steel. A snatch pin option is available.

  • Swivel Eye Double Wire Rope Blocks have a swivel eye that is drop-forged from low carbon steel for optimum strength and is zinc-electroplated.
  • Double sheaves are turned from cold-drawn zinc-electroplated bar-stock.
  • Bushings are oil impregnated for permanent self-lubrication.
  • Sideplates stamped from low carbon steel with bright polished, galvanized finish.
  • Rivets and Clevises are Zinc Electroplated.
  • Safe work load capacities stamped into sideplates in US and metric measurements.
  • Block Division high quality
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Replacement sheaves available.

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Swivel Eye Wire Rope Block Double 3/8"1
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