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Omega Pacific® 1/2" Steel Locking Carabiner is designed for rescue work, caving and other heavy-duty applications.

  • Large D-shape for Easy Handling.
  • Huge Gate Opening for Managing Multiple Ropes.
  • Screw-Lok Gate Prevents Accidental Opening of Gate During Usage.
  • 72kN Rated Strength--one of the strongest carabiners in the world!
  • Heat-Treated, Half-Load Tested (over 8000 lbf.)
  • This 0.5" Steel Carabiner is Built to Last!

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Omega Pacific® 1/2" Lg D 3S Quik-Lok Steel NFPA1
Omega Pacific® 1/2" Xl D 3S Screw-Lok Steel Eye NFPA1
Omega Pacific® 1/2" Xl D Screw-Lok Steel NFPA1