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Omega Pacific® 7/16" Steel Modified 'D' Carabiners are one of the finest alloy-steel designs available today.

  • A Great Handling Carabiner For General Use.
  • Super strength-to-weight ratio and a huge gate opening make this 'biner a must for every rescue kit.
  • Gold Type II Chromate Plating Increases Corrosion Resistance.
  • Internal Locking Threads Eliminate Rope Wear.
  • Easy-opening gate-lock, keylock noses, and 3 action gate design works under load.
  • Proof Tested to 1/2 the Rated Break Strength.
  • Captive Eye Version: Great as a component to slings, harnesses and kits when you don't want the carabiner to become detached. Ideal for OEM projects and industrial uses. Each captive-eye comes with the pin uninstalled, ready for use.

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Omega Pacific® 7/16" Mod D Quik-Lok Steel Eye1
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