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  • Suited for use with diverse descending and positioning equipment
  • Interior design and Keylock system make manipulations easy
  • "H" profile improves strength-to-weight ratio and prevents abrasion marks
  • Four different locking system models: Pin-Lock, Screw-Lock, Triact-Lock & Ball-Lock
  • All aluminum
  • The Pin-Lock system is meant for use with groups and secures the connection of the user

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
412-M34A SL
Petzl® Am'D H-Frame Screw-Lock Carabiner1
412-M34A BL
Petzl® Am'D H-Frame Ball-Lock Carabiner1
412-M34A TL
Petzl® Am'D H-Frame Triact-Lock Carabiner1
412-M34A PL
Petzl® Am'D H-Frame Pin-Lock Carabiner1
412-M34A SLN
Petzl® Am'D H-Frame Screw-Lock Carabiner Black1
412-M34A TLN
Petzl® Am'D Triact-Lock Carabiner Black1