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Rock Exotica RockO Carabiners are modern “O” carabiners designed to fit everything and have a big gate opening and are strong. These RockO Carabiners are offered in auto-lock, screw-lock, non-locker and ORCA versions. The ORCA is a new patent-pending 3-stage auto-locking system is a unique system that can be set in the unlocked position, allowing the gate to open just like a non-locker. The act of opening the gate “triggers” the system and when the gate closes it will automatically lock, just like Rock Exotica’s other auto-locking carabiners. The RockO ORCA-Lock C3 O is also available in black C3 O-B. Both ORCA-lock versions have pending CE Certification. The RockO Auto-Lock C3 A is also available in black C3 A-B. Both auto-lock versions have CE and UIAA Certifications. The RockO Screw-Lock C3 S is also available in black C3 S-B. Both screw-lock versions have CE and UIAA Certifications. The RockO Non-Locker C3 NL is also available in black C3 NL-B. All Rock Exotica Carabiners have many exclusive features including the highest inward gate/sleeve strength to reduce risk of something levering against the sleeve and breaking it open. Wide gate openings that are slightly angled gate opening that is ergonomic & opens farther. Pull-down and twist autolocks which are intuitive & easy to use.

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
423-C3 S-B
Rock Exotica® Rocko Screw-Lock Carabiner Black1
423-C3 S
Rock Exotica® Rocko Screw-Lock Carabiner1
423-C3 O
Rock Exotica® Rocko Orca-Lock Carabiner1
423-C3 NL
Rock Exotica® Rocko Non-Locker Carabiner1
423-C3 A-B
Rock Exotica® Rocko Auto-Lock Carabiner Black1
423-C3 A
Rock Exotica® Rocko Auto-Lock Carabiner1