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CMI® Sport Racks are formed from 3/8" diameter stainless steel and are fitted with oversize stainless steel bars. Stainless steel has "wearever" qualities. In order to compensate for the reduced friction inherent in stainless bars, the radius was increased to a full 1/2". The result is a longer wearing bar with maximum control. Due to the "open back" style of the bars featured on CMI Rappel Racks, improper rigging is easier to spot which aids in accident avoidance. CMI Sport Racks are available with the eye either parallel or at 90°to the bars. They feature welded eye construction; welds are Zyglo inspected to insure reliability. Versatile 6 bar configuration comes pre-rigged with angle slotted bars that snap in place.

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CMI Std Eye Sportrack W/ Bars1