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SMC NFPA Rack Assembly is a simple and rugged 6 Bar Rappel Rack considered a vital piece of rescue or work-safety equipment. This basic, standard length, six bar J-frame rappel rack has versatility that most devices lack, allowing the user to adjust friction by adding or removing bars while under load, doing so results in greater control of the rate of descent. A rappel rack may be quickly tied-off which then frees both hands in order to assist with a patient in rescue scenarios, for rigging other gear, and in a variety of other situations. The SMC Rappel Rack frame and tie-off bar are stainless steel in order to provide exceptional strength, reliability, and durability. Rack has 5 aluminum brake bars. Applications include mountaineering, mountain and Urban Rescue, Caving and Canyoneering. UL Certified to NFPA “G” - General Use & "L" Light Use standards.

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Pmi® Smc NFPA Flat 6 Bar Rappel Rack1