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Petzl® FIXO DUO LED 14 Hybrid Headlamp for attachment to helmet: halogen / 14 LEDs with 3 regulated lighting levels. FIXO DUO LED 14 responds to the needs of cavers looking to customize their lighting. This waterproof headlamp is compatible with ECRIN and VERTEX helmets. It comes with an adapter plate and drilling template for ECRIN and VERTEX helmets. It has two light sources that can be directed: a halogen bulb for lighting over long distances with a focused beam, and 14 LEDs for proximity lighting with a longer burn time. The LED light source offers three lighting levels to choose from and has an integrated regulation system which ensures a constant lighting level independent of the condition of the batteries. When the power level becomes too weak, lighting switches instantly to reserve power mode until the batteries are completely discharged.

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412-E63 L14
Petzl® Fixo Duo 14 Led Headlamp1