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Petzl® ULTRA are powerful and ergonomic headlamps designed for any kind of activity including intense activities such as treks and running. The ULTRA Vario is a powerful multi-beam headlamp with rechargeable battery. It has four modes to adapt lighting to the activity and may be worn on the head or mounted on a helmet. The ULTRA Rush headlamp is ideal for fast-paced activities where lighting is crucial and has powerful uniform lighting up to 760 lumens with a long distance beam up to 170 meters.

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
412-E52 H
Petzl® Ultra Rush Headlamp1
412-E54 H
Petzl® Ultra Vario Multi-Beam Headlamp1
412-E52 B
Petzl® Ultra Rush Headlamp W Battery1