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Kask® Super Plasma Hi-Viz Helmet includes High Visibility stickers for maximum safety even in poor visibility conditions. This helmet is a lightweight, compact, comfortable and well-ventilated helmet with 10 air intakes that provide efficient cooling and ventilation. The air intakes on the outer shell are equipped with the protective aluminum anti-intrusion grille that prevents entry of debris into the helmet. Its outer shell is made of High Density ABS Plastic, designed to withstand significant impact from the above or side (meeting the requirement of CE EN 397 and CE EN 12492 standards). The helmet’s inner shell is made of High Density Polystyrene and has ducts that allow natural air flow and heat recycling. Other features include a four-fastening points chinstrap designed to decrease the risk of helmet loss in case of an impact during a fall. Its safety release system allows quick fastening and opening of the locking mechanism. Soft polyethylene side retractors regulate length of the straps. The Super Plasma Hi-Viz Helmet is provided with a special red-colored ring on one of the straps for fastening helmet to a harness and external lamp carrying clips made from strong Nylon 6/6. Made in Italy.

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