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The Kask Zenith helmet is a size adjustable all around helmet featuring electric shock protection, strong nylon external lamp carrying clips, an anallergic and washable chin strap containing a loop to allow it to be connected to a harness, high-tech 3D fabric with rapid drying moisture dispersion capabilities, up and down 2.0 technology for a precise and comfortable fit not only in width, but also in height and tilt, a visor attachment, a slot for earmuff attachment, and a removeable front pad for washing and optimal comfort.

  • Adjustable Fit
  • Electric Shock Protection
  • Lamp Clips
  • Visor Attachment
  • Earmuffs Fitting
  • Removeable Front Pad
  • Fast3Dry
  • ANSI Z89.1-2014 Compliant
  • Lightweight

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Kask Helmet Zenith Universal White1
Kask Helmet Zenith Universal Yellow1
Kask Helmet Zenith Universal Orange1
Kask Helmet Zenith Universal Red1
Kask Helmet Zenith Universal Blue1
Kask Helmet Zenith Universal Black1