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SMC TR Pulley is an economically priced strong, reliable, compact and lightweight pulley. Despite its diminutive size the TR Pulley can handle full-sized workloads and is ideally suited for use with SMC Aluminum Locking D Carabiners as well as SMC’s Large Steel Locking Carabiners. The bell-shaped top hole allows the carabiner to be rotated freely and completely. A durable aluminum sheave is paired with a true Oilite Bushing on a stainless steel rivet axle for reliable performance at a reasonable cost. Oilite Bushings are self-lubricating and highly wear and corrosion resistant. Low profile fasteners help to reduce potential for snagging and hanging up when pulley is being moved. Hallmarks of SMC pulley design are the color contrasting aluminum side plates that rotate for easy rope insertion and removal. The SMC TR is designed for ropes up to 1/2” diameter. Made in USA.

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Pmi® Smc Pulley 1-1/2" As 1/2" Rope Bearing1