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  • Most of these CMI® Heavy Duty Single Pulleys have a 5/8” rope capacity and are available with 3” or 4”aluminum sheaves.The RP149 has a 1" rope capacity with 2 ¾” sheaves.
  • Heavy Duty Single Pulleys have stainless steel sideplates and zinc-stainless steel axles.
  • Extra large rigging points accept the largest carabiners.
  • Extra wide, skirted sideplates fully enclose 5/8” rope.
  • RP105, RP107 and RP122 models have a bushing which spreads the load over a larger area of axle, resulting in greater transfer and very little wear.
  • RP106, RP108 and RP123 models have a bearing which decreases the amount of surface area in contact with the axle, creating a more efficient transfer.

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CMI Pulley 2-3/4" Stainless Steel 1" Rope Cap1
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