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BrakeHawk Zip Line Braking Systems are the premiere choice in active braking technology. Riders easily slow themselves to a stop by pulling down on the BrakeHawk which in turn applies friction to the cable. Additional BrakeHawk Brake Pads are sold separately. Check out the BrakeHawk Tether to get young hands away from the trolley and cable but still put active braking within your grasp.

  • The Brakehawk Hawk Holster keeps your brake and trolley secure your hands free between zips--rugged leather holster easily attaches to your harness with a heavy duty Velcro strap
  • BrakeHawk Leather Brake Pads 421 are for use on wet cable, easily applies on top of regular brake pads-chose from various quantities
  • Rubber BrakeHawk Brake Pads 420 are long lasting and easy to change- chose from bulk quantities of 3, 50, or 100
  • The BrakeHawk Tether allows riders to engage brake by pulling down from below the cable

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Brakehawk™ Rubber Brake Pads 3/Pk1
Brakehawk™ Leather Brake Pads 3/Pk1
Brakehawk™ Tether1
Brakehawk™ Holster1