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  • Fully assembled evacuation kit for use in all work-at-height environments
  • The core of the system is formed by the PDQ descent control system and the 6 mm XTEC heat-resistant Technora
  • User-load rating of 310 lbs
  • Slim profile promotes compact storage and easy carrying capacity
  • All items Sold Separately: PDQ 22L weather resistant rope bag, PDQ Bucket Evacuation Kit, Raise and Rescue Kit, XTEC 20M SE, PDQ Tower Emergency Descent System 100M, and PDQ Tower Emergency Descent System 120M
  • Raise and Rescue kit converts the PDQ to a mechanical advantage system that can be used for simple and efficient victim raising

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Pdq Tower Emergency Descent System 100M1
Pdq Tower Emergency Descent System 120M1
Xtec 20M Se, Threaded To Pdqt1
Pdq Bucket Evacuation Kit1
Pdq 22L Weather Resistant Rope Bag1
Raise And Rescue Kit1