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  • Fully assembled evacuation kit for use in all work-at-height environments
  • The core of the system is formed by the PDQ descent control system and the 6 mm XTEC heat-resistant Technora
  • User-load rating of 310 lbs
  • Slim profile promotes compact storage and easy carrying capacity
  • All items Sold Separately: PDQ 22L weather resistant rope bag, PDQ Bucket Evacuation Kit, Raise and Rescue Kit, XTEC 20M SE, PDQ Tower Emergency Descent System 100M, and PDQ Tower Emergency Descent System 120M
  • Raise and Rescue kit converts the PDQ to a mechanical advantage system that can be used for simple and efficient victim raising

Item ID & DescriptionLocationUnit SizeQuantity
Pdq Tower Emergency Descent System 100M Peak Trading Corp 1
Pdq Tower Emergency Descent System 120M Peak Trading Corp 1
Pdq 22L Weather Resistant Rope Bag Peak Trading Corp 1
Raise And Rescue Kit Peak Trading Corp 1