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  • Suitable Base Materials:
    • Normal-weight concrete
    • Sand-lightweight concrete
    • Concrete over steel deck
    • Grouted concrete masonry (CMU)
    • Solid clay brick
  • Anchor can be installed through standard fixture holes. Wedge-bit size is matched to the nominal anchor diameter
  • Approvals and Listings:
    • International Code Council, Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), ESR-2526 for concrete
    • International Code Council, Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), ESR-1678 for concrete masonry code compliant with the 2012 IBC, 2012 IRC, 2009 IBC, 2009 IRC, 2006 IBC, 2006 IRC
    • Tested in accordance with ACI 355.2 and ICC-ES AC193 for use in structural applications in concrete under the design provisions of ACI 318 (Strength Design method using Appendix D)
    • Evaluated and qualified by an accredited independent testing laboratory for recognition in cracked and uncracked concrete including seismic and wind loading (Category 1 anchors)
    • Evaluated and qualified by an accredited independent testing labortatory for reliability against brittle failure, e.g. hydrogen embrittlement
    • Tested in accordance with ASTM E488 and AC106 criteria
  • Anchor Body and Hex Washer Head are made of case-hardened, low-carbon steel

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Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Powers® Wedge-Bolt Blue Tip 1/4X1-1/4"100
Powers® Wedge-Bolt Blue Tip 1/4X1-3/4"100
Powers® Wedge-Bolt Blue Tip 1/4X2"100
Powers® Wedge-Bolt Blue Tip 1/4X2-1/4"100
Powers® Wedge-Bolt Blue Tip 1/4X3"100
Powers® Wedge-Bolt Blue Tip 3/8X1-3/4"50
Powers® Wedge-Bolt Blue Tip 3/8X2-1/2"50
Powers® Wedge-Bolt Blue Tip 3/8X3"50
Powers® Wedge-Bolt Blue Tip 3/8X4"50
Powers® Wedge-Bolt Blue Tip 3/8X5"50
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