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CM® CBTP Plain Geared Trolley is an economical choice for most applications. The trolley features steel wrap around side plates, dual tread wheels and lifetime lubricated shielded ball bearings. All of the CBTs features combine to ensure you a trolley that is smooth rolling, versatile and reliable.

  • Economical - Excellent low cost choice for manual and powered hoists, yet rugged- designed to provide superior performance and long, efficient service
  • Geared models have standard 6-foot hand chain drop-Other hand chain drops available
  • Universal Hanging Clevis - Accepts most hook mounted hoists
  • Adjustable - Trolley easily adjusts to fit any beam flange within range of adjustment, up to an 8.7" flange width
  • Wrap-Around Side Plates - Lugs provide additional security to increase operator safety and act as bumpers to protect wheels
  • Dual Tread Wheels - Will fit either tapered or flat beam flange within range of adjustment, and include permanently lubricated, shielded ball bearings for long life and low maintenance
  • Comes with warranty

Item ID & DescriptionLocationUnit SizeQuantity
CM® Push Trolley 5T Peak Trading Corp 1
CM® Push Trolley 3T Peak Trading Corp 1
CM® Push Trolley 2T Peak Trading Corp 1
CM® Push Trolley 1-1/2T Peak Trading Corp 1
CM® Push Trolley 1T Peak Trading Corp 1
CM® Push Trolley 1/2T Peak Trading Corp 1
CM® Push Trolley 1/4T Peak Trading Corp 1