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  • All sizes Quenched and Tempered for maximum strength
  • Forged alloy steel from 7 through 300 metric tons
  • Cast alloy steel from 400 through 1550 metric tons
  • Sizes 300 metric tons and smaller are proof tested to 2 times the Working Load Limit
  • Sizes 400 metric tons and larger are tested to 133 times Working Load Limit
  • All ratings are in metric tons, embossed on side of bow
  • Shackles, 30t and larger, are RFID EQUIPPED
  • Can be used to connect HIGH STRENGTH Synthetic Web Slings, HIGH STRENGTH Synthetic Round Slings or Wire Rope Slings
  • Increase in shackle bow radius provides minimum 58% gain in sling bearing surface and eliminates need for a thimble
  • Increases usable sling strength minimum of 15% and greatly improves life of wire rope slings
  • Pin is non-rotating, with weld-on handles for easier use (75t and larger)
  • Approved for use at -40 degree C (-40 degree F) to 204 degree C (400 degree F)
  • Bow and bolt are Certified to meet charpy impact testing of 42 joules (31 ft-lbs) min ave at -20 degree C (-4 degree F)
  • Shackles requiring ABS, Lloyds and other certifications are available upon special request and must be specified at time of order
  • Look for the Red Pin® the mark of genuine Crosby quality

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Crosby® G-2160E Wide Body Shackle 75T1
Crosby® G-2160E Wide Body Shackle 125T1
Crosby® G-2160E Wide Body Shackle 200T1