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Lift-All® Tuflex™ EN600 Roundsling Brown is a Tuflex roundsling featuring an endless synthetic sling made from a continuous loop or hank of polyester yarn covered by a double wall tubular jacket. Tuflex roundslings provide a red striped white core yam providing added visual warning of sling damage. Color coding provides positive sling capacity information. The Lift-All Tuflex EN600 Roundsling Brown has a rated capacity (lbs) range from 42,400 (chocker); 53,000 (vertical); 74,000 (basket 45°) and 106,000 (basket 90°). These roundslings meet or exceed OSHA and ASME B30.9 standards and regulations.

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Tuflex™ Endless Roundsling En600X20 Br1
Tuflex™ Endless Roundsling En600X8' Br1
Tuflex™ Endless Roundsling En600X9' Br1
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