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Our Two Leg 3/8” Import/Domestic Wire Rope Bridles are made to exacting specifications by our fabricating division. We use high quality domestic master links and eye hoist hooks, and 6X25 IWRC high quality Korean extra improved plow steel wire rope. Thimbled eyes help protect wire rope from wear for increased service life. All bridles come with a rating tag as per OSHA specifications. Warning: Do not exceed rated capacities. Rated capacities are reduced when applying angular loads.

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Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
3/8X19' 2 Leg Wire Rope Bridle 1.5Tc Domestic1
3/8X20' 2 Leg Wire Rope Bridle 1.5Ta Domestic1
3/8X20' 2 Leg Wire Rope Bridle 1.5Tc Domestic1
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