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AlturnaMats® Black, virtually indestructible, are the original ground protection mats, featuring maximum traction diamond plate tread design. No more splintered, warped, and water logged plywood. These rugged mats are made of 1/2" thick recycled polyethylene and can withstand vehicles weighing up to 120 ton. AlturnaMats bend but do not break even after being tested in record cold and heat. Why else would AlturnaMats offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty? With AlturnaMATS, getting stuck is virtually eliminated. Build a roadway or working platform in minutes. Mats can be locked together with Turn-A-Links forming a continuous roadway or workable platform. When the trucks leave, your turf, even in soft conditions, is smooth. Available smooth on one side or smooth on both sides, simply hose down your AlturnaMats to clean them up for use on your next project.

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Alturnamats® 2'X4' Black1
Alturnamats® 2'X6' Black1
Alturnamats® 2'X8' Black1
Alturnamats® 3'X6' Black1
Alturnamats® 3'X8' Black1
Alturnamats® 4'X8' Black1