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VersaMats Black come with two practical cleat designs-for walking and for vehicle traffic- making them the most versatile ground protection mats in the industry. The flat, slip-resistant tread permits pedestrians to walk safely on the mats, yet they are as rugged as the original AlturnaMATS, and feature the same diamond plate tread on the reverse to provide great traction for vehicles. VersaMats are made of tough 1/2" thick recycled polyethylene to withstand 120-ton loads but still leave turf smooth even in soft soil conditions. Build a temporary roadway or walkway in minutes, VersaMats lock together with Turn-A-Links or EZ links. Virtually indestructible, VersaMats come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Versamats 2'X8' Black1
Versamats 3'X8' Black1
Versamats 4'X8' Black1