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SafetyTech® Light Duty Outrigger Pads are needed to support loads from Jack stands and stabilizers located on recreational vehicles, commercial trailers and light aerial equipment. Effective support stabilizes vehicles, prevents damage to paved surfaces and in low ground bearing pressure, or soft ground conditions, can protect a foot from excessive stress that leads to bending. Product standards include: A guaranteed unbreakable, engineered thermoplastic construction which weighs 62% less than aluminum; industrial grade safety texturing, with a radius edge and corner design; and surfaces which are waterproof, chemical resistant and non-conductive. The TuffGrip® Handle System allows for 1 person carry.

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Light Duty Jack Pads 12" X 12"1
Light Duty Jack Pads 15" X 15"1
Light Duty Jack Pads 18" X 18"1