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FiberMax Mega Duty Outrigger Pads distribute concentrated loads over large areas to safely reduce ground-bearing pressure more effectively than either wood or steel. This is critical when operating high capacity cranes on ground with lower soil pressures. They are specifically designed for high capacity cranes that require large load distributing footprints on a variety of soil conditions, including low soil bearing pressures. This performance is achieved using the same technology developed for lightweight vehicle bridges. They are significantly lighter than steel or wood, engineered for high-capacity cranes, have high compressive and flexural strength, and are long lasting with retained performance over a lifetime. FiberMax outrigger pads and crane pads feature fiber reinforced polymer construction, higher rigidity properties than the Safety Tech product line, ergonomic TuffGrip handles and a non-slip wear surface.

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Fibermax Medium Outrigger Pads 5'X5'X4"1
Fibermax Medium Outrigger Pads 6'X6'X6"1
Fibermax Medium Outrigger Pads 8'X5'X6"1
Fibermax Medium Outrigger Pads 9'X6'X8"1
Fibermax Medium Outrigger Pads 8'X8'X8"1
Fibermax Medium Outrigger Pads 9'X6'X10"1
Fibermax Medium Outrigger Pads 12'X9'X10"1