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No Wrench Utility Anchors offer moderate holding strength with good economy, in most soils that don't demand high installation torque. No wrench style helix anchor rods are a one piece unit with guying eye forged right onto the shaft to which the helix is welded. Because it is an integral unit, when desired, the entire anchor can be reclaimed. Manual installation utilizing a turning bar placed through the anchor's forged eye. These ground anchors are hot dip galvanized

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Anchor Rod Helix HG 4"X3/4"X54"1
Anchor Rod Helix HG 6"X3/4"X66"1
Anchor Rod Helix HG 8"X1"X66"1
Anchor Rod Helix HG 10"X1.25"X96"1