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Kermco-Dehaai Monroe Earth Anchors are highly visible, extremely versatile, and easy to use.

  • To use, be sure the anchor is screwed in so that it is in the ground in-line with the line of pull. A guy rope, wire, or cable is then easily attached to the anchor eye.
  • A practical way to secure , fences, trees, clothes lines, tents, boats, trellises swings and other play equipment. Also great for use on the farm for pets and livestock pickets, grain bins, arbors, feed racks and much more.
  • Manufactured from Grade 50 Steel for rugged strength.
  • Finished with orange enamel paint for excellent visibility.
  • Easy to use: Because the auger is very sharp, it will turn easily into or out of the ground.
  • Made in the USA.

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Kermco-Dehaai Earth Anchor 3-1/8X1/2X27"1
Kermco-Dehaai Earth Anchor 3-5/8X1/2X32"1
Kermco-Dehaai Earth Anchor 4X9/16X37"1
Kermco-Dehaai Earth Anchor 6X11/16X45"1
Kermco-Dehaai Earth Anchor 3-1/8X1/2X18"1