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  • Original oval shape
  • Material- Zinc Plated Steel:
    • Rod: custom-made steel used in surface processing, providing complete strength towards traction
    • Nut: high safety steel (lead-free, systematic control carried out after drawing through Eddy currents and ultrasounds)
    • Surface processing made through electrolytic coating on the entire material (rod & nut)
  • Recommendations:
    • Keep to the working load limit WLL engraved in kg.
    • Visual check of complete nut screwing compulsory; no thread must be showing
    • Maillon Rapide quick links are only to be loaded along the major axis
    • Maillon Rapide quick links should be carefully checked at regular intervals. If you are in any doubt about the safety of a quick link after checking, replace it with a new one
    • When fastened with a wrench up to the proper tightening torque, Maillon Rapide quick links are considered a permanent connector
    • Should always be fitted with parts made of same material
    • When connected with chain, Maillon Rapide quick links should be of the same diameter.
    • Never connnect any Maillon Rapide quick links onto a lifting chain

Item ID & DescriptionLocationUnit SizeQuantity
Maillon Rapide Quick Link 1/8" Peak Trading Corp 1
Maillon Rapide Quick Link 3/16" Peak Trading Corp 1
Maillon Rapide Quick Link 1/4" Peak Trading Corp 1
Maillon Rapide Quick Link 5/16" Peak Trading Corp 1
Maillon Rapide Quick Link 3/8" Peak Trading Corp 1
Maillon Rapide Quick Link 7/16" Peak Trading Corp 1
Maillon Rapide Quick Link 1/2" Peak Trading Corp 1
Maillon Rapide Quick Link 9/16" Peak Trading Corp 1
Maillon Rapide Quick Link 5/8" Peak Trading Corp 1