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Wichard Speedlink Trigger Snap Shackles with Universal Eyes are designed for use with a halyard, spinnaker sheets, or peeling. Speedlink's modern and efficient snap shackles are developed using finite element analysis software for optimized design. Their unique shape, cut-outs, and ribs, make them extremely light and give an incredible strength/weight ratio.

  • Able handle 2 sheets or 1 sheet and 1 snap hook/shackle
  • Ultra-technical lines avoid excessive rope wear
  • Overall design prevents adjacent lines from jamming
  • Use of release fid makes opening under load easy and effortless thanks to the generous passage diameter and optimized slopes
  • Secure locking: special shape of latch reduces inertia to avoid unintentional opening, especially under impact, yet distribution of stresses limits the effort needed to open it under load
  • Sturdy: forged in HR stainless steel that can bear exceptional working and breaking loads yet is still light weight
  • Designed and made in France

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Trigger Swivel Eye Snap Spdlnk 2-11/12"1
Trigger Swivel Eye Snap Spdlnk 3-1/2"1
Trigger Swivel Eye Snap Spdlnk 4-1/4"1
Trigger Swivel Eye Snap Spdlnk 5-1/8"1