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  • All Alloy construction
  • Durable vinyl cover that:
    • Protects sling at eye
    • Keeps sling positioned correctly on spool
  • Design Factor of 5 to 1
  • Connects Synthetic Web and Synthetic Round Slings to conventional Crosby hardware including: 320N Eye Hook. Additional Crosby Grade 8 Fittings Master Links Rings Shackles
  • Makes a field assembled bridle quick and easy
  • No cotter pin to snag sling material
  • Increased radius of spool gives wider sling bearing surface resulting in an increased area for load distribution, thus: Increasing Synthetic Sling efficiency as compared to standard anchor and chain shackle bows and conventional eye hooks. This allows 10
  • Replacement kit for spool and web cover available
  • Designed for use with Type III (Eye & Eye), Class 7, 2 ply webbing & Synthetic Round Slings. Also accommodates single ply and endless slings
  • Crosby Sling Saver hardware meets the requirements for minimum stock diameter or thickness, and effective contact width shown in the Recommended Standards Specification for Synthetic Polyester Round Slings by the Web Sling & Tie Down Association WSTDA-RS
  • * Designed for use with Type III, (Eye & Eye), Class 7, 2 Ply web slings For 3” and larger webbing width, tapered eye is required. Maximum Proof Load is 2 times the Working Load Limit Minimum Ultimate strength is 5 times the Working Load Limit

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Crosby® Sling Saver Web Connector 3.25T Peak Trading Corp 1
Crosby® Sling Saver Web Connector 4.5T Peak Trading Corp 1
Crosby® Sling Saver Web Connector 6.25T Peak Trading Corp 1
Crosby® Sling Saver Web Connector 8.50T Peak Trading Corp 1