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Vitalife® products are the preferred wire rope lubricants in the industry because of their ability to penetrate into wire rope and displace water and contaminants, thus reducing wear and corrosion throughout the rope

  • Available in a variety of container sizes
  • Provides inner strand preservation and lubricity
  • Allows for easy visual inspection of the ropes
  • Reduces the friction between the strands of the wire rope, thus extending rope life
  • Adheres to surface of strands, forming an outer film which provides excellent corrosive protection
  • Non-tacky (will not attract dust)
  • Vitalife® 600 has been developed exclusively for elevator applications

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Crosby® Vitalife 600 Wire Rope Lube 55 Gal1
Crosby® Vitalife 600 Wire Rope Lube 5 Gal1
Crosby® Vitalife 600 Wire Rope Lube 1 Gal1
Crosby® Vitalife 600 Wire Rope Lube 1 Qt1