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Top washer has the following features: The Working Load Limit and Recommended Torque value are permanently stamped into each washer. Washer is color coded for easy identification: Silver - Metric thread.

  • Metric threads available in sizes form 400g to 16,900kg and dual rated in both a 4 to 1 and 5 to 1 design factor
  • All components are Alloy Steel- Quenched and Tempered
  • Individually Proof Tested to 2-1/2 times Working Load Limit
  • 360 degree swivel and 180 degree pivot action
  • Bolt Specification is a Grade 129 Alloy socket head cap screw t0 Din912. All threads listed are metric (ASME/ANSI B1831m)
  • Designed to be used with ferrous work piece only
  • BOLT SIZE IDENTIFICATION: The size of the bolt will be stated as in the drawing below Illustration shows meaning of each dimension given
  • Frame 2 and larger are RFID EQUIPPED

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Crosby® Swivel Hoist Ring Metric 8X1.25X41
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