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TREE-GRIP™ Dead-ends are designed to eliminate the costly labor and time consuming hassle of cable splicing. The factory-formed left hand lay helical legs of the TREE-GRIP™ Dead-ends wrap quickly around left hand lay extra-high strength (EHS) galvanized strands, eliminating the process of splicing common grade galvanized strand. The end result is a labor saving application accomplishable in under 60 seconds.Using lower cost, extra high strength galvanized strand (left hand lay) with the TREE-GRIP™ Dead-end is designed to offer strength comparability with larger sizes of common grade galvanized steel strand. This reduces strand expenditure and inventory. The TREE-GRIP™ Dead-end has a unique “THIMBLE-LOOP Design”, created specifically for the Arborist industry. This design prevents the thimble from falling out during installation. Preformed Line Products developed the helical concept for gripping strand that is a key component of the TREE-GRIP™. The TREE-GRIP™ Dead-end's helical legs inside diameter is approximately 20% smaller than the outside diameter of the strands used. This holds the strand snugly and securely, providing a constant radial gripping force so that the published rated breaking strength (RBS) of the strand can be achieved.

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Preformed 3/16" Tree-Grip Dead-End (Red)1
Preformed 1/4" Tree-Grip Dead-End (Yellow)1
Preformed 5/16" Tree-Grip Dead-End (Black)1
Preformed 3/8" Tree-Grip Dead-End (Or)1