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Teufelberger Tech Cord is an exceptionally strong cord that is very abrasion resistant and is perfect for cordelette. The polyester sheath surrounds a parallel fiber core of 100% Technora, resulting in a cord that gets extremely high tensile strength (3,000 pound tensile for 3mm; 5,000 pound tensile for 5mm).

  • Tech Cord is perfect for balancing anchors and slinging chocks and hexes, and can be used as an emergency rap line.
  • The reported tensile strength of Tech Cord, as with any rope, can be significantly reduced when used with a knot. The most recommended knot for this cord is a double fishermans.
  • Tech cord is available in 2 diameters and in 4 colors (3mm available in black only).
  • Material: Technora

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Teufelberger Tech Cord Green 5Mm1
Teufelberger Tech Cord Green 5MMX25M1
Teufelberger Tech Cord Green 5MMX60M1
Teufelberger Tech Cord Blue 5MMX25M1
Teufelberger Tech Cord Black 3MMX200M1
Teufelberger Tech Cord Orange 5MMX25M1