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Teufelberger Tech Cord is an exceptionally strong cord that is very abrasion resistant and is perfect for cordelette. The polyester sheath surrounds a parallel fiber core of 100% Technora, resulting in a cord that gets extremely high tensile strength (3,000 pound tensile for 3mm; 5,000 pound tensile for 5mm).

  • Tech Cord is perfect for balancing anchors and slinging chocks and hexes, and can be used as an emergency rap line.
  • The reported tensile strength of Tech Cord, as with any rope, can be significantly reduced when used with a knot. The most recommended knot for this cord is a double fishermans.
  • Tech cord is available in 2 diameters and in 4 colors (3mm available in black only).
  • Material: Technora

Item ID & DescriptionLocationUnit SizeQuantity
Teufelberger Tech Cord Green 5Mm Peak Trading Corp 1
Teufelberger Tech Cord Green 5MMX25M Peak Trading Corp 1
Teufelberger Tech Cord Blue 5MMX25M Peak Trading Corp 1
Teufelberger Tech Cord Black 3MMX200M Peak Trading Corp 1
Teufelberger Tech Cord Orange 5MMX25M Peak Trading Corp 1