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Teufelberger KMIII™ Max is a static rope which is well balanced, has low rotation and a unique twill design. KM-III is the perfect static rope for work placement and smooth descents.

  • Features NE's TPT Construction for a smoother cover that reduces drag and creates a more fine control on descents.
  • Smooth, low profile sheath allows for better braking, faster ascending, and exceptional abrasion resistance.
  • Originally designed for work placement applications, KM-III Max is an excellent choice for heavy exposure fixed lines, big wall hauling, caving, and a variety of rescue applications.
  • Available in 11mm.
  • Material: Polyester, Nylon.

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Teufelberger Kmiii Max Static Rope Black/Yellow 12.5MMX200'1
Teufelberger Kmiii Max Static Rope Black/Yellow 12.5MMX300'1
Teufelberger Kmiii Max Static Rope Black/Yellow 12.5MMX600'1
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