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ExoFit NEX™ Construction Style Positioning Harness is a Fall Protection Construction Style Harness made for general construction work with excellent tool-carrying capability. It wraps around you for the ultimate in no-tangle donning and comfortable security. ExoFit NEX Harnesses can withstand incredible demands on a daily basis to the highest standards and the harshest of environments. Standard features include Revolver™ Vertical Torso Adjustors, Repel Technology webbing and integrated Suspension Trauma Straps and shoulder, hip and leg padding, built-in so it can’t slip. The breathable lining guarantees you’ll stay dry and comfortable every day. It even has memory-fit features allowing you to lock the adjustments in place to prevent the web from slipping. This ExoFit NEX Construction Style Positioning Harness includes Tech-Lite™ back and side aluminum D-rings and Duo-Lok™ quick connect buckles and sewn-in hip pad and removable belt.

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Exofit Nex™ Construction Style Xl1
Exofit Nex™ Construction Style Harness L1
Exofit Nex™ Construction Style M1
Exofit Nex™ Construction Style S1