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  • Shoulder, back and leg comfort padding: Lightweight padding with soft edging wraps around the wearer for added comfort, security and no-tangle donning
  • Back D-ring: Provides a safe connection point for your fall arrest system, and keeps you upright after a fall
  • Body belt/hip pad with side D-rings: Provides hip D-rings ideal for positioning, additional back lumbar support and tool carrying options
  • Four equipment rings provide easy access to extra tools and gear
  • Quick connect buckle leg and chest straps
  • Parachute torso adjusters: Completes the 5-point adjustment system
  • Durable polyester web construction
  • Built-in lanyard keepers: Ideal to hold or park your unused lanyard snap hooks while not in use to avoid trip hazards
  • Impact Indicator: Rip-stitch indicators allow you to inspect the harness at a glance, for prior damaging impact loads

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Protecta Harn Pro Cons Paddng Vst Xl1
Protecta Harn Pro Cons Paddng Vst M/L1
Protecta Harn Pro Cons Paddng Vst S1