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DBI-SALA® Reusable Roof Anchor is easy to use, and as the name implies, you can simply pull out the nails and re-use the anchor on another part of the job, or at another site entirely. Once the sheathing is in place, simply nail down the plates. Model #2103676 provides 5,000 lb minimum breaking-strength, is economical and meets the latest OSHA standards. Comes with cadmium plated forged alloy steel D-ring. (Cad plated construction means it should not be left exposed at the end of job). This model includes 20 16D nails for single use.

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Dbi/Sala Anchor Roof Reusable Ch & Ring1
Dbi/Sala Anchor Roof Reuseable W/D-Ring1