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DBI/Sala® Sayfline™ Synthetic Rope Horizontal Lifeline Systems are used to protect workers operating in the horizontal plane who may not have continuous access to suitable anchorage points. Lightweight, easy to install, and engineered with DBI- SALA attention to quality and detail, Sayfline systems work alongside you during maintenance, bridgework, construction and general industry applications with absolute safety and reliability. A horizontal lifeline may appear to be a basic line strung between two anchors, but it is not. It is critical to choose a system that has been precision engineered and rigorously tested to meet regulations. DBI/Sala Sayfline Synthetic Rope Horizontal Lifeline Systems are complete systems constructed with a lightweight 11/16" (17.5mm) static kernmantle rope lifeline and include tensioner, energy absorber and two 6 ft. (1.8m) tie-off adaptor anchors. The integral rotary tensioner provides easy set-up, while the built-in energy absorber limits fall arrest forces. This flexible system with 2 worker capacity, is equipped with i-Safe™, is available in various lengths to suit your jobsite, and includes a carrying bag.

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Sayfline™ Rope Horizontal System 20' Peak Trading Corp 1
Sayfline™ Rope Horizontal System 30' Peak Trading Corp 1
Sayfline™ Rope Horizontal System 40' Peak Trading Corp 1
Sayfline™ Rope Horizontal System 50' Peak Trading Corp 1
Sayfline™ Rope Horizontal System 60' Peak Trading Corp 1
Sayfline™ Rope Horizontal System 70' Peak Trading Corp 1
Sayfline™ Rope Horizontal System 80' Peak Trading Corp 1
Sayfline™ Rope Horizontal System 90' Peak Trading Corp 1
Sayfline™ Rope Horizontal System 100' Peak Trading Corp 1