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DBI/Sala® Two Person Horizontal Lifeline Roof System offers you a complete set-up for convenient compliance and safety on the job. When you’re out on a wood or steel roof of a residential or commercial structure, whether flat or sloped, your fall protection system needs specialized components to keep you safe without causing damage to the structure. These easy to use kits and anchorage devices provide the perfect solution and are legendary for their comfort, ease of use, adjustability, durability and reliability. The DBI/Sala Two Person Horizontal Lifeline Roof System includes two reusable and extremely durable roof anchors; two comfortable, lightweight Delta™ harnesses with pass-thru buckle legs and 5-point adjustment; two compact rope adjusters with built-in 3 ft. (0.9m) EZ-Stop™ shock absorbing lanyards; two durable and lightweight 5/8" dia. (1.6cm) 50 ft. (15.2m) blended lifelines with a snap hook; two compact, removable counterweights to keep the lifeline taut; and a durable carrying bag with handles.

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Sayfline™ 2-Person Horizontal System 50' Peak Trading Corp 1