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PRO™ Mobile Rope Grabs are made of high grade corrosion resistant materials and will reduce the arresting forces on a worker if there is a fall.

  • Mobile design automatically follows user: Provides hands-free operation automatically following user as they ascend or descend providing maximum freedom of movement
  • Inertia and cam locking systems for safety: Cam provides the primary fall protection while the inertial system will deploy in the event the user panic-grabs the device and unitentionally keeps the cam from locking
  • Energy absorbing design reduces forces: Limits the arresting forces in the event of a fall for greater safety and protection to the user and system components.
  • Detachable anywhere along the lifeline to allow the user to attach or remove the device anywhere along the rope lifeline for greater jobsite flexibility
  • Durable and lightweight corrosion resistant contruction: Stainless steel and aluminum build will stand up to the harshest environments for added field longevity
  • Built-in gravity latch for added security: Smart design incorporates a mechanism reducing the chance of installing the device upside down for added safety
  • For use with 5/8" (16 mm) diameter polyester/polypropylene blend rope lifeline: Fits the most common rope size for rope grabs - order 50 ft. (15 m) lifeline sold separately
  • Use with 3 ft. (0.9 m) shock absorbing lanyard: Provides added safety and security by limiting fall arrest forces imposed on a user during a fall - lanyard sold separately.

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Protecta Rope Grab 5/8"1