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Protecta® Rebel™ Self-Retracting Lifelines GAC, are galvanized aircraft cable lifelines providing an economical, durable fall-protection solution without compromising safety or performance. Many length choices of galvanized aircraft cable (GAC) offer you versatility and customization for your specific job-site needs. You may also choose from stackable housing designs of light-weight, rugged thermoplastic or strong and durable aluminum. Standard features on all Protecta Rebel SRLs-GAC include swiveling, self-locking snap hooks with impact indicators; speed sensing, all-metal brake systems; and a self-locking anchorage carabiner. All components are high-strength and corrosion-resistant. Protecta Rebel SRLs-GAC, also include a built-in carrying handle; a reserve lifeline system, a side lifeline exit with an ergonomic handle; and a swiveling anchorage point.

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Srl Rebel Plastic Housing 100' Galvanized Aircraft Cable1
Srl Rebel Aluminum Housing 100' Galvanized Aircraft Cable1
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