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MSE Steel-Tech Housing Self-Retracting Lifelines-Rope, are retractable lifelines featuring a high-impact stamped Steel-Tech housing and high-strength Technora rope (Rope). These lifelines meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI, CE requirements and are durable, lightweight and easy to use making them ideal for overhead installation in construction or other related applications. Mechanical Safety Equipment’s (MSE) Self-Retracting Lifelines operate quietly and are equipped with sealed ball bearings for smooth cable extension and retraction. A centrifugal breaking mechanism limits a free fall to less than 24 inches, and a visual stress indicator warns the user that the unit has been involved in a fall. MSE offers their Retractable Lifelines with specific features to choose from to ensure that you have the optimal fall-protection device for your work-site needs.

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Retractable Lifeline Rope 20' W/O Carabiner1
Retractable Lifeline Rope 25' W/O Carabiner1
Retractable Lifeline Rope 30' W/O Carabiner1