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FrenchCreek 4153 Deluxe Work Seats provide maximum safety, and maximum comfort with a perfect fit regardless of your size or shape. The FrenchCreek 4153 is equipped with a waist strap for added security, and a “deluxe” work seat constructed from 21” x 16” plywood with a "SuperNit" padding system to provide rigid, wear-resistance while remaining soft to the touch. A military spec moisture-management system, designed with custom anti-microbial coating, prevents mildew on the cushion while the outside shell, made with 1300 denier construction, ensures that it can withstand maximum abuse. The 3-point suspension provides connection: left, right, and front center, and the 4153 can easily be used with ANY full body harness. Hardware is plated to ASTM standards for corrosion resistance.

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French Creek Deluxe Bos'N Chair No Harness1