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The Liftex® Retractable TagAttach Safety Tagline is ideal for lifting applications where tagline contact is maintained throughout the lift. Note* Not designed for or intended for use as a lifting device

  • Housed within a durable polymer casing for impact resistance, and stainless steel and aluminum components to ensure longevity and reliability
  • Offers automatic recoil and brake
  • User friendly: Toal lift control, easy “Snap On/Snap Off” process for hook up, and simple storage
  • The anti-burn, anti-slip TagAttach is retractable preventing tangles or knots while offering one-hand, “on the fly” adjustment
  • Excess line length does not accumulate at operator’s feet during the lift – greatly reducing risk of a potential slip, trip or fall hazard
  • Available in lengths of 26' and 49'

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Retractable Safety Tagline 26'1
Retractable Safety Tagline 49'1